Founder's Message

I have a great respect for Gandhian Thoughts & am follower of Gandhian principles. I want to devote my life for the betterment of human beings. According to me, “ There is nothing more valuable than human beings. Material loss can be received or made good. However, loss to human being can not be recovered”.

I am of the opinion that human resources are very important in developing country like India. Therefore, they should be properly channelized and used. I want to provide opportunity to many students in my institution till they get suitable job of their liking. Our responsibility is not only to give education but to provide jobs.

Power of youth should be used for constructive purpose (work). I believe in action more than slogans. Mere slogans & processions cannot eradicate social evils. Every individual must be socially conscious. Such a person cannot break integrity, fraternity & mutual trust. Thoughts should be translated into action.

I think, “ To educate the people is more important than to literate them.” I am a man of practical approach. I ponder over a problem to seek its solution. I have a great respect for saints like Saint Tukaram, Mahatama Kabir, Saint Dnyneshwar, Swami Vivekanand etc., According to me, Saint Tukaram’s Gatha (Literary work) should be considered as the fifth veda.

I feel “Teacher is the creator of judge”. Thus teacher has a vital role in everyone’s life. I never run after any prize, award recognition & felicitation for my work. I believe in “go on and go on.” I am not subjected to valuation and award because I believe in direction of Vedas. I think the principle, ‘Majority is law’ is not always true in democracy. Major decisions should be taken in consciousness. His view i.e. free education be given to children from 6 to 14 years of age has now been incorporated in Right to Education Act 2009. Being a man of principle, I provide free education to the children of this age group in my school.

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