Code of Conduct for Students

The following rules have been framed by the college council for the maintenance of discipline in the college.

  • Students are expected to occupy their seats in their respective classrooms before their lecturers step in.
  • Students should not leave the classroom on any account while the period is going on.
  • During off periods the students should go either in the Reading Room or their respective Common Room so that other classes should not be disturbed.
  • Students should use college property responsibly. If the property is damaged or misused intentionally, compensation will be incurred from the students.
  • Students should not unnecessarily loiter in the college premises after the period is over.
  • There are no rights to publish any information about the college without the permission of the principal.
  • The students shall behave respectfully and politely with their teachers, staff and their fellow-students.
  • Smoking, spitting, taking of any hard drinks in the college premises, chewing tobacco and whistling in classroom are strictly prohibited. Students are, therefore, warned not to indulge in such activities.
  • Don't enter in the computer lab without the permission of the lab instructor.
  • No student shall attend classes other than his own and outsiders are not allowed in the college premises
  • Students should off their mobile while period is going on. otherwise fine will be charged against him/her.
  • The students must attend college regularly in their dress code.

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